Describe yourself and your music:

We're sort of math-rock-inspired, I suppose. I mean generally we don't spend too much time agonising over how to talk about the music we make, and we're not especially mindful of genre when we're writing it, though it's fair to say we'd be influenced by similar bands and maybe that's reflected, to some extent, in the songs themselves. Other Irish bands and the Richter stable, by and large, have had a huge influence on us: Marvin's Revolt Enemies, Adebisi, then The Cast of Cheers; Overhead, The Albatross; Before Machines — these are all bands we can individually agree on.

Who or what inspires you?

Being able to be a group of friends who make music is pretty important to us. Any of our friends doing that, or something similar, are an inspiration. In the abstract, I'm not sure: we might all give different answers. I don't think we've ever discussed it that way.

How did you get started making music?

We started making music together years ago, back in 2008, but we were friends separately before that. Charlie, Rob and I went to school together, while Charlie had been in bands with Harry and Niall before we all got together and decided to start something of our own. We started off just jamming together and it sort of grew organically from there.

They have such a great noise, their lead singer is really something special.


What's your best song and why?

We've just written a couple of new songs that we are really proud of and, hopefully, will put out early in the new year. We're pretty excited about them so it's fair to say they're our favourites at the moment. But, in terms of live performance, I think we all enjoy playing "Creo Beast" the most. There's an immediacy to it, but there's quite a bit of variety in sound there that makes it a lot of fun to perform. We chose it as the first single from our album as well; it's one song we can all sort of agree on.

Strangest thing that happened to you in 2012?

We managed to successfully buy a van, which I'm proud to report we've since had no trouble with whatsoever. See attached image; his name is Murray.

What are you looking forward to this year?

We're planning a European tour at the moment, which we're really excited about, but which I can't say too much about at the minute. It'll be the first time we've ever played somewhere other than this island! And a real test for Murray.